Game Verse DAO

Game Verse aims to become the largest game platform in the world, not limited to Web3. This goal cannot be achieved without the support of the community. To achieve phase-by-phase community governance on Game Verse, we want to utilize the power of the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Eventually, the DAO can participate in the decision-making process on various aspects of the project and lead the games to the next level.

Game Verse DAO is planned to be officially established in the 3rd month after the commercial launch of Sword and Magic World. The DAO will begin operating with very limited power, together with a small Guardian system. The Guardians are carefully selected from the Dev team, most active gamers, and SWO token holders. The Guardian group makes proposals to the DAO, which then decides whether to approve their execution.

The Guardian group starts with a small size of 2 members from each category. As we release new game versions and content, launch expansions, and as the community grows, we will gradually increase the number of seats for Guardians, while the Dev team seats remain fixed at 3. This approach will give the community real governance over the game over time, which may take years, and the Guardians will always be those who contribute the most to the game, those who know the game best, and who only seek its long-term success.

In the meantime, the power granted to the Game Verse DAO will continually expand as we release more game content and the community grows and matures. We hope that we can rely on the DAO to make the majority of the decisions for Game Verse 5 years later.

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