Professional Attributes: Agile and adaptable.

Transition Direction

Archers having lived in the magic forest for a long time, have honed their fighting skills to combine archery with the use of magical natural seeds, unleashing tremendous power to intimidate enemies. Additionally, Archers have dual talents and can transition to "Wind Walker" or "Tide Chaser" upon reaching a certain level.

Transitional Professional Attributes

Wind Walker - This profession boasts strong combat capabilities and is capable of launching high-damage group attacks, removing unfavorable effects on themselves, reducing enemy defense, and erupting group damage with control effects.

Tide Chaser - Possessing super-strong control abilities, this profession employs a series of control skills such as knock-up, deceleration, and stun. It can be used for single or group control. Once mastered, timing can make the enemy feel the torment of being better off dead.

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