💰Trading System

Auction House

In the game's trading system, players can trade non-bound items, equipment, and other goods through the auction house to earn in-game currency. This in-game currency can also be exchanged for SWO tokens on the official trading platform and then exchanged for USDT to make a profit. Players can participate in auctions or purchase items in the auction house.

To access the auction house, players can find the "Trading" icon in the menu in the upper right corner of the interface. In the purchase column, players can buy treasure maps, attire shards, various gear, and other items. All items in the auction house require diamonds to purchase. In the sales column, players can list non-bound items from their backpacks for sale. Sixteen slots are available for free in the auction column, and fourteen additional slots can be opened using diamonds. Players who successfully list items in the auction column and set reasonable prices can sell their items in the auction house.


Various shops are available in the game, such as the Honor Shop, Justice Shop, Treasure Map Shop, Purgatory Shop, and Purgatory Elite Shop. Players can enter these shops to purchase game items.

Shop Name


Honor Shop

Exchange specified soul stones directly with Badges of Honor. Badges of Honor come from Arena gameplay, and soul stones can quickly help players improve the star level of their Servants.

Justice Shop

Exchange specified soul stones directly with Badges of Justice. Unlike Badges of Honor, Badges of Justice are obtained when daily rankings are finalized. Although it is also for exchanging specified soul stones, players can only exchange one soul stone at a time, up to 20 times per day.

Treasure Map Shop

Collect treasure map shards to exchange for gems and runes. Participate in the daily treasure map event, and exchange the collected treasure map shards for precious runes and gems in this shop.

Purgatory Shop / Purgatory Elite Shop

Exchange runes and various consumable stones with Demon Blood. By completing the daily Purgatory Island event, players can collect some Demon Blood and exchange them for various precious materials in these shops.

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