What is TAW?

TAW is the ecosystem token of "Ancient World." The total supply will be 100,000,000 TAW, and it will be gradually issued over a 5-year period with no further issuances planned thereafter. TAW plays a crucial role in "Ancient World" as it incentivizes participants to engage in activities such as games, community, governance, and more through various use cases. However, it does not influence any economic activities within the game.

TAW will be listed on Tier 1 Exchanges to enable players to easily trade it with USDT and other mainstream tokens. Additionally, TAW tokens can be staked on the Game Verse platform to gain extra benefits and governance rights. As the primary and most significant token in "Ancient World," TAW is currently our main focus.

TAW Contract Address

Economic Model


Earning TAW

Explorers can obtain Origin Stones through various in-game activities. Additionally, you can mint Origin Stones into TAW using the Play-to-Earn (P2E) mechanic and sell it on the Trade to players in need.

Mint Reset Time:

Asia 05:00 (UTC+8)

EU 05:00 (UTC+1)

NSA 05:00 (UTC-5)

Enhance Your BP with TAW

Explorers can expedite their journey by purchasing TAW from MEXC Exchange.

Utilize your in-game wallet to dissolve TAW tokens into abundant Origin Stones. Exchange these for vital upgrading materials within the in-game "Redeem Shop", and boost your growth and BP rapidly!

Guideline to Mint/Consume TAW


  1. Make sure to download both Ancient World and Game Verse on the same mobile device.

Download link: https://aw.gamesverse.io/

  1. Open the TAW Wallet in the game.

  1. Click on bind Game Verse, and follow the instructions.

Mine Ore

"Ancient World" is a GameFi game that blends rich gameplay with blockchain technology. Ore is a crucial resource in the game, and players can acquire it through various methods as outlined below:

  1. VIP System Enhancements

  • VIP Privileges: Upgrading the VIP level unlocks more privileges and acceleration cards, which significantly improve the efficiency of ore collection.

  • Mining Acceleration Card: Players can purchase these cards to speed up the production of Ore.

  1. Character Development

  • Level and Power Upgrades: By enhancing their characterโ€™s level and combat power, players can undertake more challenging quests and defeat stronger enemies, thus earning more Ore.

  • Role Enhancement: As players progress in the game, they unlock new abilities and methods to obtain Ore.

  1. Task Completion

  • Daily and Regular Tasks: Completing these tasks often rewards players with Ore.

  • Instance Missions: Participating in and completing instance missions, which typically involve team objectives and battling unique bosses, is another effective way to gather Ore.

  1. Combat and Challenges:

  • World Bosses and Events: Engaging with major world bosses or participating in special event challenges, especially in the wilderness settings of the game, provides substantial Ore rewards.

  1. Use of TAW Tokens:

    • Dissolving TAW: Players can use TAW tokens by dissolving them to obtain Ore, supporting further activities and purchases within the game.

Mint TAW

Utilize Ore to mint TAW tokens. Initially, users must acquire the Ore Privilege Card, available for $0.99, to activate this feature. The standard conversion rate is 10,000 Ore for 1 TAW, with a transaction fee of 20% applied.

Without Ore Privilege Card: $0.99 - TAW Daily Minting Limit: 0

VIP 1: Daily Minting Limit: 1 TAW

VIP10: Daily Minting Limit: 10 TAW

VIP20: Daily Minting Limit: 80 TAW

VIP30: Daily Minting Limit: 220 TAW

Cumulative Top-Up (USD) will raise your VIP level, For example:

VIP Level

Cumulative Top-Up (USD)

Daily Limit







You can also purchase the VIP10 ๏ผˆ$14.99) directly.

Access to mint TAW is provided through Game Verse, under the Wallet section, where users can manage their Tokens.

Consume $TAW

Deposit $TAW into Game Verse by following these steps:

Step 1: Open Game Verse. Navigate to: Wallet > Tokens > TAW > Deposit. This will generate a Deposit Address.

Step 2:

Use your Web3 wallet to deposit $TAW into the provided address via the BNB Smart Chain (BSC).

In-game $TAW Consumption Scenarios Include:

  • Mystery Box: Spend $TAW to acquire TAW Mystery Boxes, which contain highly sought-after, extremely rare, and limited-edition NFTs, along with Random USDT. Game Verse exclusively offers these Mystery Boxes that include certain rare NFTs.

  • Ore: Exchange $TAW for Ore to enhance your characterโ€™s battle power and enrich your gaming experience.

  • Event: Use or stake $TAW to obtain entrance tickets for external events and earn unique event rewards.

  • NFT Enhancement: Burn $TAW to upgrade Game Verse NFTs, increasing the Staking pledge rewards. Engage with the TAW Staking Pool for additional benefits.

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