What is SWO?

SWO is the ecosystem token of the Sword and Magic World. The total supply will be 120,000,000 and it will be gradually issued over a 5-year period. No further issuances will occur. SWO is important for the Sword and Magic World because it incentivizes participants to engage in activities such as games, community, governance, and more through various use cases. However, it does not affect any economic activities in the games.

SWO will be listed on Tier 1 Exchanges for player convenience to trade with USDT and other mainstream tokens. Furthermore, SWO tokens can be staked on the Game Verse platform to gain extra benefits and governance rights. SWO is the primary and most significant token in the Sword and Magic World, and it is currently our main focus.

SWO Contract Address https://bscscan.com/token/0xfab178ec82e29761f79565f260c1b1e8fead566e

Team Wallet 0xBF957e1c121FA769580D29bF320Ee8BfF138Ad12 0x1a27c869A861D7bBB8081409Bd74a68b5b864588 0x49CC6ada136fF57497E16A941d878e173B85cC23 0x63a7186DeD95BA28C3294B97b27d0F0b8A1210dc 0xcc3914f92d5D102B649eAD01AD4ACA2FAF6AAdDa Audit Report:https://beosin.com/audits/SWO_202310101720.pdf

Economic Model


Earning SWO:

Explorers can obtain Origin Stones through various in-game activities. Additionally, you can mint Origin Stones into SWO using the Play-to-Earn (P2E) mechanic and sell it on the Trade to players in need.

Minting & Dissolving Rules Top-Up & Daily Minting Limit Table: Cumulative Top-Up (USD): $0 - Daily Minting Limit: 0 Cumulative Top-Up (USD): $1-$4 - Daily Minting Limit: 1 Cumulative Top-Up (USD): $5-$19 - Daily Minting Limit: 2 Cumulative Top-Up (USD): $20-$99 - Daily Minting Limit: 5 Cumulative Top-Up (USD): $99 and above - Daily Minting Limit: 999 Mint Reset Time: Asia 05:00 (UTC+8) EU 05:00 (UTC+1) NSA 05:00 (UTC-5)

Enhance Your BP with SWO: Explorers can expedite their journey by purchasing SWO from the Gate and MEXC Exchange. Utilize your in-game wallet to dissolve SWO tokens into abundant Origin Stones. Exchange these for vital upgrading materials within the in-game "Redeem Shop", and boost your growth and BP rapidly!

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