🔷 Origin Stones

What are Origin Stones?

Origin Stones are the primary virtual currency in the "Ancient World" game, used for transactions between players and the game environment. We utilize a dynamically adjusted circulation plan based on scientific measurements and management techniques to ensure the price stability of Origin Stones. As the game progresses, the supply and demand for Origin Stones will naturally fluctuate, necessitating a flexible issuance plan that incorporates various mechanisms to maintain their reliability and stability as a currency.

Source of Origin Stones:

Origin Stones can be acquired through several methods within the game, aimed at enabling players to enhance their combat power.

These include:

- Completing in-game tasks, which are categorized into permanent and daily missions. Key tasks are:

1. Being online for N minutes.

2. Defeating specific bosses.

3. Gathering items in designated scenes.

4. Participating in PVP battles.

- Exchanging Ancient Coins for Origin Stones.

- Obtaining them through special events such as official website pre-registration and community activities.

Consumption of Origin Stones:

Players primarily use Origin Stones at the Ore Store to exchange for upgrade materials, which enhance various system attributes within the game. This, in turn, boosts character attributes and combat power. The main systems involved include mounts, wings, gems, and ancient weapons.

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