đŸĒ„Spiritual Fox

Career Style:

  • Career Positioning: Ranged, mage-type profession, high burst damage with some defensive capabilities.

  • Personality Traits: Cunning, curious about the outside world, fond of all things beautiful.

  • Weapon Transformation: Soul Instrument, capable of releasing fox spirits, and sometimes using the tail as a weapon.

  • Combat Style (Actions): Normally graceful and enchanting; when transformed, cold-blooded and imposing.

  • Ability Display (Special Effects): Can use innate foxfire for attacks and can transmute the power of souls into various elemental energies.

Skill Highlights:

  • Basic Skills: Skill 2 can provide a temporary damage-reducing shield for oneself.

  • Divine Skills: Each profession has three sets of divine skills.

    • Efficiency in Monster Grinding and BOSS Challenges: Except for the special ability of Skill 2 (shield), these two sets of divine skills have universal effects.

    • Player Confrontation:

      • Core Feature: The core of this profession's PvP combat is randomness; the strengths and weaknesses of the four skills are all random. With enough luck, one can unleash greater power.

      • Skill 1: Each release causes additional random damage to the target; when fully leveled up and released, the random damage inflicted on the current target becomes twice, with no change in the damage range.

      • Skill 2: Upon activation, restores a random percentage of maximum health; when fully leveled up, the amount of health restored randomly doubles.

      • Skill 3: Decreases the enemy's random percentage of defense; when fully leveled up and released, extends the duration of Skill 4's effect.

      • Skill 4: Increases a random percentage of attack power; when fully leveled up and released, randomly seals the target.

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