Career Style:

  • Career Positioning: Melee, warrior-type profession, adept at close combat, strong pursuit ability.

  • Personality Traits: Arrogant and proud, self-centered, longing for immense power.

  • Weapon Transformation: Interchange between a sword and a scythe.

  • Combat Style (Actions): Full of strength and explosiveness, with large and forceful movements.

  • Ability Display (Special Effects): Possesses raging power, mastery over the forces of flame and earth.

Skill Highlights:

  • Basic Skills: Skill 2 allows charging towards the target.

  • Divine Skills: Each profession has three sets of divine skills.

    • Efficiency in Monster Grinding and BOSS Challenges: Besides the special ability of Skill 2 (charging), these two sets of divine skills have universal effects.

    • Player Confrontation:

      • Core Feature: Manipulation of life force.

      • Specific Performances:

        • Skill 1: When the target is a player, the lower the caster's health, the higher the damage inflicted by this skill; when fully leveled up, casting this skill briefly increases the caster's maximum health.

        • Skill 2: When fully leveled up and cast, has a 30% chance to stun targets affected by the Fracture effect.

        • Skill 3: Grants immunity to severe injury effects; when fully leveled up and cast, extends the duration of the Fracture effect on the target.

        • Skill 4: Applies the Fracture effect, increasing the damage taken by affected targets; when fully leveled up, this skill increases damage inflicted on players with low health.

Divine Skill Combinations: The first set of divine skills is used for grinding monsters, the second set is suitable for fighting BOSSes, and the third set is tailored for PvP.

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