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Over ten thousand years, the "People of Dragon" underwent tremendous changes during a peaceful era. The descendants of heroes left the holy mountain and created their own worlds, transforming into "Humans," "Elves," and "Orcs," while losing the ability to transform into dragons, making the "Dragon People" a legend. The "Gods" and "Demons" no longer engaged in large-scale conflicts and maintained a delicate balance with the descendants of the "People of Dragon." However, a prophecy monument stands atop the holy mountain, warning of the coming of the "Lord of Demons." When that time comes, the "People of Dragon" will protect the world. Ten thousand years later (in-game time), the soul of "Castiel" is reborn, but his soul is weak and can only attach itself to an adventurer named "Zel." The player is a reincarnated hero of the "People of Dragon" who joins the adventurer's guild and becomes friends and rivals with "Zel." The player does not know their identity, but as they embark on adventures, they gradually discover "Zel's" secret and are pulled into a new round of battles between gods and demons, ultimately defeating the complete form of "Castiel."

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