Bless Global is published by Tigon Mobile, a subsidiary of the KOSDAQ-listed company Longtu Korea. Based on the original worldview and content of the PC game Bless, this AAA-level MMORPG retains the exceptional quality of Web2 games while incorporating the Web3 economic model.

The R&D team has spent two years working on game design and mechanics optimization based on the original gameplay. By leveraging blockchain technology and researching popular GameFi projects, the team has successfully enhanced the economic model of Bless Global, including the inflation-deflation system and numerical design. With its great playability tested, the game encapsulates a well-balanced economic model to coordinate the needs of hard-core players and profit-oriented users.

This whitepaper provides comprehensive information about the AAA GameFi MMORPG Bless Global, including various content such as game introduction, gameplay, and the economic model. It will help our players learn more about the game, quickly engage in the game community, and start an amazing adventure.

The admins of the Bless Global community are in charge of content updates and maintenance of the English whitepaper.

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