Utility Token BLEC

A total of 100,000,000 $BLEC will be added to the liquidity pool, 90% of which will be released year by year and minted in the game by players. The rest 10% is for the market, liquidity, and staking rewards. Players can mint the Corestals they have into $BLEC or open the special Mystery Boxes they have purchased to obtain it.

The supply and issuance of $BLEC are elastic. The internal token circulation consumption model, combined with the deflation-release model, can ensure logical and stable market circulation and build a robust value base.

Corestals are vital resources for core systems such as gear refinement and skill resonance. They are always highly demanded by VIP users.

In-game $BLEC consumption scenarios include:

  • Mystery Box

Consume $BLEC to purchase $BLEC Mystery Boxes that contain highly-demanded, extremely rare, and limited-edition NFTs. The PocketBuff market is the only place selling Mystery Boxes that contain certain rare NFTs.

  • Corestals

Redeem $BLEC for Corestals in the game to boost character battle power and enrich your gaming experience.

  • Guild

Consume $BLEC to build up your guild and help guild members to obtain bonus Corestals.

  • Event

Consume or stake $BLEC to get an entrance ticket for external events and earn special event rewards.

$BLEC is now supported on PancakeSwap and can be swapped for USDT.

You'll need:

  • A cryptocurrency wallet (e.g.: MetaMask)

  • Little amount of BNB for gas fees

  • Cryptocurrency based on BNB Chain (Preferably BNB or USDT, to ensure as lower slippage as possible)

Step 1: You must first withdraw $BLEC to your wallet through BNB Smart Chain (BSC) on PocketBuff.

Step 2: Connect your Web3 wallet on PancakeSwap and choose BSC. Then follow the instructions to import $BLEC.

Go trading:

Step 3: In “Select a Token” interface, tap Manage Tokens.

Step 4: Select the Tokens tab, copy and paste $BLEC contract address: 0x42907d9f7e3d4291c801bbd1f601066eb1dfa956

Step 5: Tap Import to add $BLEC.

Step 6: Now, you can swap $BLEC to USDT on PancakeSwap.

Deposit $BLEC

Step 1: Open PocketBuff. Go to Wallet > Tokens > BLEC and tap Deposit to acquire Deposit Address.

Step 2: In your Web3 wallet, deposit $BLEC to this address via BNB Smart Chain (BSC).

Please note: DO NOT use the wallet address on your PocketBuff Profile. Or the depositing will fail.

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