Core Features

Play for Fun

Unlike any other Web3 games, Bless Global focuses more on the idea of playing for fun and staying gold. The game is based on the original IP and narrative of Bless, the well-received Web2 PC game. It presents players with a diverse, enriched scene design, including multi-dimensional scenes, environments, biosystems, model poly-counts, and vivid texture performance, unleashing the power of legendary storytelling. We always believe that only fun games can make it easier for players to earn.

An improved gaming experience will prosper game operations and increase game lifespan by intriguing both Web2 and Web3 users, invigorating the Web3 market environment, and expanding the platforms for users to utilize their acquired assets. Players can earn by the following means.

  1. BLEC Mint: Corestals can be collected and minted into BLECs, which can then be used to purchase NFTs such as the Mystery Box. Players can obtain and use Corestals in various ways.

  2. NFT Investment: Some in-game items can be minted into NFTs. But NFTs are rare and in high demand, which makes them valuable, profitable, and unique.

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