PC Users

For PC Users:

Is my game progress synced across devices (PC and mobile)?

Yes. As long as you log in with the same account, your progress is synced between your PC and mobile device.

I played during beta test (as a VIP PASS holder). How can I log into the game on PC? Can I still enjoy the privileges I had?

No VIP PASS is required for login after official launch. VIP PASS privileges are always kept in your game account, regardless of what device you’re using (PC or mobile).

I am a new user. How can I log in on PC? How can I mint BLEC and NFTs?

You can simply download the PC version from the official website, sign in with your chosen account, and enter to play. No VIP PASS is required. Wallet binding is currently unavailable on PC, and you can’t actually mint NFTs and BLEC. You must log in on your mobile device to do it. However, these features will be available later on as we are improving the PC version.

How can I use the NFTs and BLEC I minted during beta?

For now, you can’t use them while playing on PC. But you can do so in the mobile version, as game progress of the same account is synced across devices.

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