Beta Test Participants (VIP PASS Holders)

For Beta Test Participants (VIP PASS Holders):

  • Do I need to uninstall the app I got for beta test? Or do I just redownload/update it in the store?

After pre-download starts, players must uninstall the beta version first before downloading the latest version released in the store.

  • The VIP PASS I got for beta test is no longer in my PocketBuff wallet now. How can I use it after official launch? Can I still enjoy those privileges?

Privileges offered by a VIP PASS activated during beta will be kept in your account. After official launch, you can still enjoy those privileges when logging in with the same account.

  • What should I do if I want to use the higher-level VIP PASS I have?

Open your NFT Bag in game to use it. The higher-level privileges it offers will replace the lower-level ones you’ve had. The VIP PASS itself will be burned and disappear once activated.

  • After official launch, how can I use the NFTs & BLEC I minted during beta?

NFT: Open the NFT Bag in game to view all NFTs you have. Tap on the one you want, select Use, and continue to play. NFTs in your wallet can be dissolved into the game. BLEC: Go to Mint in game and use Dissolve to redeem BLEC for Corestals.

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