Dynamic Market Equilibrium

DEMAND(t) = ∫Need d(Crowd), which shows the real-time demand for BLEC.

SUPPLY(t) = ∫(Output-Consumption) dt, which shows the real-time total amount of BLEC in circulation.

DEMAND(t): The average daily demand (Need) is always high and stable since players consume lots of Corestals for skill resonance and gear refinement to improve power permanently by percentage. Skill resonance is unlocked when characters reach a certain level, which leads to cyclical fluctuations in demand. The level of gear refinement, however, drops when players die in battles, thus creating a continuous demand-supply gap among paying users.

SUPPLY(t): The average daily output of Corestals will increase as the number of players grows. But it will reach a plateau at some point, while the total daily output also has a very high maximum. As players mint more, the number of Corestals required per BLEC will also increase, which creates a balancing feedback loop that offsets the Corestal surplus and fluctuations in the number of players. BLEC is also consumed for other purposes, such as Mystery Box purchases. In general, its supply will change dynamically within a stable range.

See below BLEC Price Fluctuations over Time Based on Supply and Demand.

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