Mounts provide attribute effects, such as attack, accuracy, evasion, and more, for characters. To unlock the mount system, players must complete the corresponding challenge tasks for each mount. Once the system is unlocked, various mount training functions become available. By training mounts, players can gain a large number of attributes and advance to higher levels. When a mount reaches a certain level, players can obtain a brand new appearance and glowing effect. The most efficient way to directly break through to the next level is to use an item to advance.

To ride an activated mount, players can click the mount button in the skill bar located at the lower right corner of the main interface, or click the task bar on the right side of the main interface to automatically ride a mount after a period of time. The appearance of the player's activated mount can be switched with other appearances through the mount interface's appearance switching button.

All mount attributes obtained by the player are permanently accumulated and effective, even when the appearance is switched. Fully upgraded mounts with full stars can equip emblems. Extra emblems can be devoured and used to upgrade other emblems. Upgrading emblem slots can improve the quality of the emblem slot, making it possible to equip higher quality emblems. The percentage of attributes added to the emblem slot increases with each upgrade. Emblems must match the level of the emblem slot to be activated.

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