😁Play for Fun

Unlike any other Web3 games, Sword and Magic World focuses more on the idea of playing for fun. We always believe that only fun games can make it easier for players to get involved.

An improved gaming experience will prosper game operations and increase game lifespan by intriguing both Web2 and Web3 users, invigorating the Web3 market environment, and expanding the platforms for users to utilize their acquired assets.

The well-crafted MMORPG is embedded with intriguing stories and quests, thrilling challenges, an impeccable progression system, and a riveting social system, which spices up the magical exploration. Almost anyone can find fun in it, from skilled raiders and PvP masters to newbies and play-to-earn gamers.

The well-designed 5-player and 10-player dungeons are where PvE lovers can fully enjoy their battles. They can use the gears dropped in the dungeons to boost battle power, and trade them in the game.

Diverse gameplay such as duel, 2v2, GvG arena, and free battle are perfect for PvP maniacs. These are important sources of rare NFT items that are highly demanded both in the game and the NFT market.

The in-game social system, including Friends, Guild, Mentorship, and Covenant, makes communication and collaboration more convenient, effective, and fun.

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