đŸ‘ŦPVP System

Asynchronous Arena

In the asynchronous arena, players can challenge other players on the ranking board every day. The opponent's characters will be controlled by AI during the fight. After a successful challenge, players will exchange rankings, and the system will issue ranking rewards to players at a fixed time every day. The higher the ranking, the greater the reward.

Real-time 3V3 Arena

Players can sign up for the real-time 3V3 arena as a solo player or as a team. The system will automatically allocate teams with similar battle power as opponents. Players can participate in one round of matches every day. The round will end if the player wins 5 matches or loses 3. After each round ends, players can receive rewards based on their number of victories. At the end of each week, players will receive season rewards based on their total record during the week.

10V10 Battlefield

The 10V10 battlefield is open all day. Players can sign up for it as a solo player, but a certain amount of AP will be deducted upon successful sign-up. Players can match with players of similar levels and will be immediately teleported to the battlefield upon successful matching.

After entering the battlefield, players will be randomly assigned to either red or blue teams. The red spawn/respawn point is on the bottom left of the map, while the blue spawn/respawn point is on the upper right. Each side has crystal towers and arrow towers. Crystal towers can only be attacked, while arrow towers can attack individual enemies within their range. Players can select and attack monsters and players of the enemy camp. Both sides have a secret passage, but it is initially closed. Both sides can collect the opponent's teleport crystal in the center of the map, which will summon their own crystal. When the crystals are the same color, a teleportation gate will be opened on one side, respectively located at the respawn point and the center of the battlefield. Players can directly teleport to the center of the battlefield from the teleportation gate near their respawn point. When the crystal colors are different, the teleportation gates will disappear, and the teleportation task will fail.

Players' battle performance will affect their personal points and faction points. When the faction points of either side reach the specified score, that side will be declared the winner immediately. If the match time reaches the specified time, the side with higher points will win. Players can receive corresponding EXP rewards and Badges of Merit based on their level, wins and losses, and their ranking in the faction.

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