🌏World Map

Wilderness Map

The wilderness maps in the game include the Magic Forest, Shadow Jungle, Blue Sky Wilderness, Dragon Bone Desert, Purgatory Island, and the summit of the Holy Mountain. These maps are connected to each other, and there are teleportation crystals in each map. Players can use these crystals to teleport to other wilderness maps. Alternatively, players can enter the world map interface through the map function in the upper right corner of the interface, click on the map they want to go to, and quickly teleport there.

Each wilderness map has a level limit for entry. Players can find monsters of corresponding levels to kill in the wilderness map to obtain rewards such as experience points and gold coins. There are also various mission NPCs distributed throughout the wilderness map. Players can find these NPCs to complete missions and obtain rewards such as experience points and gear.

Special Maps

The game's special maps include various dungeon maps and event maps, such as team dungeons, the wandering king's happy palace, and the soul void. These special maps are independent maps, and players need to go through corresponding NPCs or special teleportation points such as dungeon lists and event lists to enter.

Each special map has restrictions on the number of daily entries, entry level, and stay time. Some event maps must be opened at specified times. When players enter these special maps, they can complete some dungeon projects or event content according to the map's challenge requirements and obtain rewards such as gold coins, gear, and experience points.

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