📋Task System

Main Quests

When entering the game, players can receive mainline quests by clicking the quest tracking panel located in the upper right corner. Clicking on the mainline quest prompt will guide players automatically to their destination. Completing requirements such as fighting, collecting items, hunting monsters, and talking to non-playable characters will reward players with experience points, gold coins, and equipment. As the character level increases, more gameplay systems will gradually become unlocked. Additionally, players can learn about the development of the game's background story while completing mainline quests.

Bounty Quests

Bounty quests are daily tasks that reward a large amount of character experience points. Each player can receive up to five tasks per day. At 5 a.m. every day, all bounty quest counts are automatically reset, which clears the current award count.

Bounty quests are divided into five qualities: S, A, B, C, and D, with S being the highest quality. The higher the quality of the bounty quest, the better the reward. As players level up, they will have the opportunity to receive higher star-rated bounty quests, which yield better rewards.

After players have chosen the class they want to switch to, they can refresh the quality of the quests. This will reset the quality and star rating of all incomplete or unreceived bounty quests (the quality of the quest will not be lowered). Completed quests will not be affected. Each quest refresh requires a "Warrant," which can be purchased with diamonds if there are not enough Warrants available.

By clicking the "Track" button on the bounty quest interface, the quest's information will be displayed in the quest list, and players will be automatically guided to the quest. Players can only track one quest at a time, but if the conditions are met and there are no quests being tracked, players can still complete and claim rewards.

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