🔷Origin Stones

What are Origin Stones?

Origin Stones serve as the in-game currency for Sword and Magic World, facilitating transactions between players and the game environment. To maintain price stability, we employ a dynamically adjusted circulation plan based on scientific measurements and management techniques. As the supply and demand for Origin Stones fluctuates with the growth of Sword and Magic World, a fixed issuance plan or number of tokens is not feasible. Our circulation plan includes multiple mechanisms that address both the supply and demand sides of the market, ensuring that Origin Stones remain a reliable and stable currency for our players.

Source of Origin Stones:

To help players increase their battle power quickly, we offer multiple ways to obtain Origin Stones in the game. The main ways include:

  1. Gather on Purgatory Island - Purgatory Island consists of four layers, each with its own level setting. The third and fourth layers require exclusive tickets to enter. The higher the layer, the more abundant the rewards for gathering. This is also the most important source of obtaining Origin Stones.

  2. Complete weekly missions to earn Origin Stones.

  3. We occasionally distribute Origin Stones through seasonal events and other timed activities based on players' growth needs and feedback.

  4. Obtain them from other special events such as official website pre-registration and community events.

  5. Purchase SWO from other players in the marketplace and dissolve them in the game to get a large amount of Origin Stones.

Consumption of Origin Stones:

Players obtain a significant number of Origin Stones during their growth in the game. Origin Stones can be used to enhance character attributes and battle power. We have designed a variety of ways for players to develop their characters at different stages of the game, including:

  1. Gear cultivation requires a large amount of Origin Stones as materials, which can quickly improve character battle power. The gear system also has various gameplay modes, such as gear enhancement and upgrade.

  2. Origin Stones are used as materials in active skills and Bloodline gameplay.

  3. Elder gear

  4. Familiar system

  5. Special limited-time events

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